Promark - Signature Drumsticks

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Promark Tommy Aldridge - Oak - Wood Tip - PW2SW

Designed for those who prefer a large diameter with extra length. This drumstick is made of Shira Kashi oak and features a small neck and with an oversized oval wood tip for a large, dark sound. Diameter : .630" / 16.1mm / Length: 17" / 431.8mm

Promark Neil Peart - Oak - Wood Tip - PW747W

Made of Shira Kashi oak and featuring ProMark’s classic diameter, the ProMark Neil Peart 747 drumstick is perfect when you need more volume. It features an oval tip for a bright, clear cymbal tone - Diameter : .551" / 14mm / Length: 16 1/4" / 412.8mm.

Promark Anika Niles - Classic Hickory - RBANW

The ProMark Anika Nilles drumstick stick is based on our standard Rebound 7A but features a slightly thicker diameter, a more drastic taper, and a smaller tip for increased response and articulation.
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