Tam - Drumsticks

Tama OL-FA Oak Lab - Fast Blast

Best choice for drummers seeking volume as well as speed - Large size ball tip that is suitable to easy handling and large volume - A rough grinded finish without lacquer finish prevents slipping. - Made of Japanese Oak.

Tama OL-FU Oak Lab - Full Balance

All round versatility for any music style - Slightly heavier to increase the accuracy of the stick control - True Round tip makes it easy to arrange the balance of tones and volume - Made of Japanese Oak.

Tama OL-RE Oak Lab - Resonator

Adjusted to bring out a rich resonance of drum itself - Easy to handle without feeling the weight in hand - Sharpened tip that provides rich, full-volume sound and various sound character - Made of Japanese Oak.

Tama OL-SM Oak Lab - Smash

Designed for a powerful sound and punchy attack - Centrifugal force generated powerful sound caused by bringing the center of gravity forward - Huge acorn tip, hits the drum head over a large area is capable of delivering a louder volume - Japanese Oak.

Tama OL-SW Oak Lab - Swingin'

Very suitable to a scene where required to seriously control the timbre and dynamics - Small oval Oak tip that brings a bright, clear cymbal sound and delicate stick control - Made of Japanese Oak.
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