Innovative - Mallets

Innovative CL-C1 - Tubular Bells Beater - 1pc

The CL-C1 Chime Hammer is designed to the specifications of Christopher Lamb, Principal Percussionist with the New York Philharmonic. It is constructed with a nylon head fixed on a tapered hickory handle and include a felt pad on one side.

Innovative DF20 - Marimba Mallets - David Friedman

Pair - Soft Marimba - Heavier weight draws out beautiful fundamental tone, ideal for accompanying and soloing in lower and mid registers.

Innovative DF25 - Marimba Mallets - David Friedman

Pair - Marimba - Versatile mallet with a wide palette of colors, speaks fully in all registers, and is perfect for an ensemble setting.

Innovative DF30 - Vibraphone Mallets - David Friedman

Pair - Vibrafoon - Creates a full, deep tone yet is able to speak through an ensemble without being too percussive, great for all instrumental settings.

Innovative DF30L - Vibraphone Mallets - David Friedman

Pair - Vibrafoon - Light Vibraphone - Ideal for players who prefer a lighter weight mallet that still creates a full sound, perfect for solo playing, yet can create rich tonality for a soft ballad
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