Vic Firth - Symphonic Collection

Vic Firth BD8 - Bass Drum Mallet - Soundpower

Specially designed for increased weight. Creates a round, warm sound at lower dynamics and the ultimate, full bodied fortissimo when needed!

Vic Firth SCS2 - Symphonic Collection

Designed from the classic SD1 with balance and feel in mind for the symphonic player.

Vic Firth STG2 - Symphonic Collection - Tim Genis Leggiero

For playing fast musical passages softly. The added weight and density of persimmon help produce clean double strokes and clear articulation.

Vic Firth TG01 - Bass Drum Mallet - Tom Gauger

Perfect for all purpose playing. Articulate, but not too hard.

Vic Firth TG04 - Bass Drum Rollers - Tom Gauger

Rolling mallets with felt cores offer plenty of weight for a full sound. Sold in pairs.
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